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Example of Quilling using hand guilded paper

Quilling or paper filigree as it is also known is an old paper craft that is enjoying a revival. At the time when Jane Austin was writing her book Sense and Sensibility it was a pastime for genteel young ladies and in chapter 23 she wrote that one of her characters was making a filigree basket. Today, however, anyone can practice the art of rolling strips of paper into coils and pinching them to form many different shapes to create beautiful and unusual cards, pictures, coasters etc. The limitations of this craft are only in one's imagination.

I learnt to quill in 1989 at Denman College (the WI college in Oxfordshire) and from there went on to join the Quilling Guild and gain my Accreditation. Now I am fortunate in being able to teach Quilling at the College. I am also the Quilling Guild Rep for Oxfordshire and run 'one day' workshops about 5 times a year at Botley (which is on the edge of Oxford).