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Parchment craft is thought to have originated in the cloisters of Spain over 500 years ago. This ancient craft using Parchment paper is reputed to have been taken by the Church of Spain into South America as they followed in the wake of Columbus. The craft survived by being taught to school children by the nuns. The introduction of Parchment Craft into the United Kingdom in 1992 coincided with the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus.

Martha Ospina, a Columbian met and married a Dutchman and started teaching Parchment Craft in Holland. They set up a company to sell products to use with Parchment Craft, using the now well known trade name Pergamano®

Anyone with a love of papercraft and a little patience can practice this craft. You do not have to be able to draw as patterns are traced onto the parchment paper using a mapping pen and ink. The design is then turned over and embossed with stylus like tools. As you emboss the parchment it turns from its uniform grey colour to a lovely satiny white and becomes dimensional. The effect gives the pattern a beautiful delicate appearance.