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Starting to Quill
Quilling Shapes
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Starting to Quill
Quilling papers are sold in a variety of widths but 3mm is the standard width for making cards etc. British papers are normally sold in 450mm lengths. American and Dutch papers are slightly longer. There are various quiling tools on the market and most people have their favourites.
To Quill you will need some strips of quilling paper and a quilling tool, or you can quill without a tool and just use your fingers to roll the coils.
- make sure one end of the paper strip has a sharp cut edge and the other end is torn.

The size of your quilling will be determined by:-
a) the length of your paper
b) the size of your quilling tool
c) how tightly or loosely you roll the paper.

I suggest you start by using half-lengths of quilling paper.

When you have had a practice go to 'Quilling Shapes' to see what you can do with your rolled coils.

Quilling tools
An example of different types of quilling tools. (My favourite is the 1st one on the left).
What to do
Place the cut end of the quilling paper in the slot of the quilling tool
What not to do
Don't place the paper as shown as this will leave a 'hook' in the centre of your coil.
Turn the quilling tool so that the paper rolls on itself. Use your finger as a guide so that the paper rolls evenly and stays level. It doesn't matter if you roll towards you or away from you.
When you have rolled the strip of paper let it go and the coil will start to unwind. Let the coil fall off the tool on to a work surface. (if the coil doesn't fall off, ease it gently and try to roll a looser coil next time).
Applying glue
Apply a tiny amount of glue and stick down the end so that the coil doesn't come undone.