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Quilling Shapes

Once you have rolled your coils you are ready to shape them. When pinching shapes into a point always try and pinch where you have glued the end down. (This helps to hide the join and gives a sharp point). Also try to pinch the coils using the pads of your fingers not your nails as they leave crease marks on your quilled shapes.

Tight peg
Glue down the end of the strip and let it dry, before easing it from the tool.
Closed coil
Let the coil relax before gluing down the end of the strip.
Tear drop
Make a closed coil and pinch it into a point.
Make a tear drop then bend the point.
Make an eye shape then bend one end up and one down
Make an eye shape, turn it 90 degrees and pinch again on two opposite sides.
Make a tear drop, then push the opposite end round a pencil or quilling tool.
Half moon
Make a closed coil then push the coil round a pencil or knitting needle.
Heart shape
Fold length of paper in half. Roll each end towards the fold.
S shape
Roll one end of the strip towards the centre. Repeat with the other end to form an 'S' shape.
P shape
Fold strip of paper on half. Roll the 2 loose ends together towards the fold. The inside strip will form a loop near the fold.