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Daisy Design
(How to use the peel off 2 ways - the positive and negative)

Materials required
Australian Bold Straight Flexi Duo Grid
Embossing tool - 1.5mm
Perforating tool and Perforating mat
Thin embossing mat
Black peel off
Parchment scissors
Scotch Magic tape
3mm double sided tape
A5 sheet of dark coloured card

(I always use a thin foam mat under the grid when embossing and a thick foam mat when perforating)

Pic 1
Gently remove peel off from backing and place upside down on a workboard . Place a piece of parchment paper over the top and stick down
Pic 2
Place the design upside down on the grid and line the edges of the peel off straight on the grid. Emboss a double or triple row around the peel off. Turn the whole grid over and perforate 1 row around the embossed border.
Pic 3
From the right side cut out the border using parchment scissors.
Pic 4
Use double sided tape to stick the design to your card. (Make sure the tape stays within the embossed border otherwise it will show through on the right side.
Pic 5
To use the 'negative' parts of the peel off left behind, place rows of magic tape over the design - horizontally and vertically. (overlapping slightly) Press down firmly to make sure the peel off is attached to the tape. Carefully lift the tape with design and stick it onto parchment. Emboss and perforate border as before.
Pic 6
Triple embossed border around 'negative' peel off